Single Vineyard – Cabernet Sauvignon

Much like the Nautilus fossil that told us the story of the ocean-turned-mountain where our vineyards sit, our Gran Reserva wines tell us the tale of grapes turned into the most sublime of all high-altitude, single-vineyard, barrel-aged wines.

Faithful to the style of Finca El Origen ́s Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon features an intense ruby red colour contributed by its 8% Malbec.
The nose offers black fruits with vegetal notes. Notes of peppermint give afresh sensation and accompany the vanilla aromas from the barrel.
The mouth is fresh, with good acidity and punch, nice tannins and lower alcohol content.

  • Location: Grapes are sourced from a single vineyard in Finca La Esperanza located on an alluvial terrace in Los Chacayes, Vista Flores.

  • Altitude: 1,200 meters above sea level for Finca La Esperanza.

  • Yield: 6,000 kilograms per hectare.

  • Serve at 60º-64ºF / 15º-17ºC.

  • BBQ roasts, lamb, roasted vegetables.

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