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Uco Valley

The landscape is impressive with glaciers and eternal snow that bathes the adjacent rivers to the vineyards.
The climate is temperate Mediterranean type with good temperature differences between day and night due to the vineyards´ altitude. These are naturally healthy thanks to the winds and breeze that blow during the spring and summer time. The largest thermal amplitude impacts in the grape quality in this case, accentuating more flavors and colors.

Hail storm chances decrease in that sector due to its geography which generates a greenhouse. These conditions allow a very adequate high quality grape growing.
This region is particularly competent in the acidity level for white grapes, and tannins and colors for red ones.
It is characterized by its large amplitude for the production of a high quality raw material for both white and red wines and allows obtaining wines able for a long aging.
It is currently one of the most important zones from the point of view of wine-growing investment.

Soil: being a high altitude zone, the soil is more stony which offers greater permeability. It is of low and medium fertility and with excellent drainage.
The relative humidity is of a maxim of 80 % and a minim of 35 %. The zone is protected from the winds. The predominant
ones have direction S - O. They are soft, fresh and the annual average of speed is 5,8 km/h.

Water: in the high zones of Uco Valley the water is purer. It is not so loaded of salts, like it happens with the water that goes down and reaches to other productive oases of Mendoza. Added to this the estates rely on technology of drip irrigation that allows us to apply the necessary irrigation.
Altitudes: Between 1.200 and 900 meters above the sea level, this favors the large difference between day and night temperatures.

Location of the vineyards: Uco Valley
General characteristics of the zone: Great thermal amplitude, excellent heliophany.
Age of the vineyard: 15 years old
Irrigation system: 100% drip irrigation
Trellising: cordon trained and spur pruned and doble guyot



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