Our wines reflect the characteristics of their place of origin.

Making wine is a painstaking endeavor. However, making unforgettable wines is an even more challenging undertaking for knowledge and passion must be coupled with the power of an exceptional terroir.

The Uco valley has all the necessary components to produce grapes of the highest quality. Finca El Origen is situated in Los Chacayes, a celebrated winegrowing micro-region where a mix of rock and sand found solely at 1,200 meters above sea level provides ideal conditions for the production of balanced wines that exhibit a distinct concentration of color and aromas.

Not only is our vineyard ideal for precision viticulture, but it also the witness of history: An Nautilus fossil was found while preparing the land for winegrowing. These sea snails from the Jurassic period are silent bystanders of the formation of the Andes, which were once an ocean.

That is our brand and our challenge: To be able to translate nature’s messages into authentic mountain wines.