Single Vineyard – Cabernet Sauvignon

Much like the Nautilus fossil that told us the story of the ocean-turned-mountain where our vineyards sit, our Single Vineyard wines tell us the tale of grapes turned into the most sublime of all high-altitude, single-vineyard, barrel-aged wines.

Faithful to the style of Finca El Origen´s Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon features an intense ruby red colour contributed by its 8% Malbec. The nose offers black fruits with vegetal notes. Notes of peppermint give a fresh sensation and accompany the vanilla aromas from the barrel. The mouth is fresh, with good acidity and punch, nice tannins and lower alcohol content.

  • Location: Grapes are sourced from a single vineyard in Finca La Esperanza located on an alluvial terrace in Chacayes, Vista Flores.

  • Altitude: 1,200 meters above sea level for Finca La Esperanza.

  • Yield: 6,000 kilograms per hectare.

  • Serve previously decanted at 60º-64ºF / 15º-17ºC

  • BBQ roasts, lamb, roasted vegetables