Finca El Origen blossoms this 2020

Based on its essence, history and location, the Argentine winery based in Uco Valley, presents a renewed image for its portfolio. A clear brand message that conveys the uniqueness and mighty character of a mountain that was once an ocean..

Making wine is a painstaking endeavor, but making unforgettable wines is an even more challenging undertaking for knowledge and passion must be coupled with the power of an exceptional terroir.

Finca El Origen is situated in Los Chacayes, Uco valley, Mendoza. Recognized as one of Argentina’s best terroirs, this winegrowing micro-region features a mix of rock and sand found solely at 1,200 meters above sea level that provides ideal conditions for the production of balanced wines with a distinct concentration of color and aromas.

Finca El Origen is proud to present this new image that builds on a Nautilus fossil that was found while first preparing the land for winegrowing. These sea snails from the Jurassic period are silent bystanders of the formation of the Andes, the ocean-turned-mountains that serve as inspiration for the Mountain Character with which the brand identifies.

This renewed image aimed to better portray the distinctiveness of both brand and wines, as unique as the Nautilus fossil, the brand icon, displayed across the entire portfolio, from their varietal wines to the flagship Reserva and Gran Reserva wines and to the emblem of the style and personality of the winery –PHI–, which its winemaker describes as “a tribute to the divine proportion.”

About Finca El Origen

Established in 1996, Finca El Origen is the first Chilean winery in Argentina. With a surface area under vine of 229 hectares, the vineyards planted in 1998 —the first ones in Vista Flores, in the Andean foothills of the Uco valley— are situated at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level.

The grapes used in its Mendoza wines are all sourced from its own vineyards and bear the distinctive characteristics of high-altitude, continental-climate wines. Finca El Origen’s signature varieties are Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Torrontés.

Finca El Origen is owned by Carolina Wine Brands holding, one of Chile’s premier wine producers with strong presence in international markets.